Files and information necessary for proper nesting:

  • die-cuts should be delivered as *.cf2 or *.ds2, *.ard files (alternatively *.ai or *.eps)
  • the type of ICC control strips (it is recommended that the strips for a given printing press be provided as *.eps files)
  • DotGain of the printing press as an .xml file (not necessary)
  • the following should also be specified:
  • the format of the printing sheet and the offset plate in mm
  • the size of the grip of the printing press
  • the distance between the lower edge of the plate and the lower edge of the printing sheet
  • other necessary marks used while printing by the printing press

The studio sends ready materials as:

  • a composite or pre-separated file *.ps (size of the offset plate or printing sheet)
  • prepress PDF from editing or one copy
  • ArtPro file (version 6.0 to 12x) with font changed into curves and tiffs saved in a separate folder

Prepress preparation procedure

prepress specification